Export from Tally and uploading to IFF for QRMP


In this post shows how to export the B2B and CDNR data for GST IFF from Tally and upload the json file in GST IFF.


  • Open the TallyEPR or TallyPrime and open GST-1 for the relevant month and Generate .csv files for B2B and CDNR.
  • Download the GST offline tool v3.0 from the GST site and Install it.
  • Open GST offline tool and Select New
  • Select GSTR1/IFF and enter the GSTIN the select the quarterly filing option
  • Import the .csv files for B@B and CDNR
  • Verify the data and Generate JSON from the tool.
  • Upload to the GST portal, after selecting the relevant month and IFF offline upload.

Download excel for Offline Tool GSTR1 Excel Sheet

See the below video for more details explanation.

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